What can we give you?

We have delivered a product to grind and seal applications that looks and performs like polish with a simple clean and prep.

We have given polish the ability to be enhanced and slip resistant, all the while protecting it for years to come from the harsh elements that would otherwise destroy your hard work.

We have provided the epoxy world with a textureless, glossy topcoat that is totally slip-proof and added to already durable topcoats to protect from petroleum, acids, slips/falls and much more.

We have supplied a solution that will bond to virtually anything without the need for abrasion.

We have the answer to cooling the surface under your customers feet without fear of changing aesthetic around their pools, barbecues and walkways.

We have made tile and bathroom fixtures completely antimicrobial and slip resistant.

We have produced the solution to successfully turn otherwise paint-ridden cities, anti-graffiti.

We have the ability to make hardscapes, carvings, foundations, verticals and water features free of mold/algae/efflorescence and mildew growth – with zero maintenance.

We have developed a coating that bonds like nothing else due to advanced covalent bonding.

Our paint booths are so easily cleanable, that with a simple pressure washer – it’s on to the next one while maintaining a clean surface and professional appearance.