What are they?

SQUIRE – Gloss, the heaviest of all of the components. Used in tight application of Epoxy (on top coat, or in lieu of topcoat), over polished concrete, honed concrete > 800, power-trowelled, sealed, tiled and ceramic floors and wall coverings. This is a single component application or can be used with our BallistiX Primer to cover a porous subtrate. Once mixed, the substance can be refrigerated to keep preserved for a short while.

NCO – Satin, the most versatile of the products. This is used for many of the same applications as mentioned above. It is a lighter, faster-flashing product that allows for the integration of hardscapes, foundations, pool decks, and many, many surfaces. Must be used immediately after mixing. 

PRIMER – Used for porous applications. This rapid-flash product allows for a “false bottom” to be achieved, allowing you to hypothetically “prime” a floor by just spraying it, and getting right back to the application of your top coat.

FLOW AGENT – Used as an aide in most Squire applications. Flow agent mutes the flash, thickens the product and allows for otherwise impossible applications. Longer working times, flow agent is sold with most orders.

ISOPROPYL 99% – Used to repair, remediate, prep surfaces and clean tools/hvlp guns/etc. Can also help knock down gloss of finished product.

RANGER – An expandable product with the ability to be applied over shrink/swell items like Vinyl, Linoleum, Flexible rubber, etc. Provided in 2 gallon kits unlike all other products which are available in Gallon, Quarts and Pints.

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